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Item Part Numbe Description
1 Type Approval Number
2 Vehicle Identification Number
3 Gross Vehicle Mass
4 Gross Train Mass
5 Permitted Front Axle Loading
6 Permitted Rear Axle Loading
7 Steering
8 Engine
9 Transmission
10 Axle
11 Interior Trim
12 Type
13 Version
14 Body Colour
15 Exhaust Emissions
16 Suspension (Transit only)
17 Smoke Value (Diesel only)
18 Complexity Usage (Transit only)

1. Type Approval Number - A unique code required by legislation in certain territories.

2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - Vehicle identification number location.

3. Gross Vehicle Mass - Indicates maximum legal laden mass for territories where this is required.

4. Gross Train Mass - Indicates the maximum combined mass of vehicle and trailer or caravan.

5. Permitted Front Axle Loading - Maximum permissible load on front wheels of the vehicle.

6. Permitted Rear Axle loading - Maximum permissible load on rear wheels of the vehicle.

7. Steering

Code 1 - A 2 - B

Drive Left-hand Drive Right-hand Drive

8. Engine

Code Type Capacity Power Kw

Litres (DIN)

L1 DOHC 16V EFI 1.6 66


RK DOHC 16V EFI 1.8 84


NG DOHC 16V EFI 2.0 100


RF SOHC Diesel 1.8 65

SE DOHC EFI V6 2.5 125

9. Transmission

Code 6 Q

Type CD4E MTX 75

10. Axle

1st Code Axle Ratio

B 4.06:1

E 3.92:1

F 3.84:1

K 3.77:1

S 4.32:1

4 3.82:1

6 3.80:1

7 3.41:1

8 3.56:1

11. Interior Trim

1st Code Colour

D Pumice

K Atlantis Blue

S Raven

T Truffle

U Opal

V Alchemy

12. Type

1st Digit 2nd Digit 3rd Digit

Model Body Type Year Homologated

N/A A - 5-door Saloon

N/A B - 4-door Saloon

N/A C - 5-door Estate

13. Version - Provision for local codes required by certain territories.

14. Body Colour

1st Code Colour

A Black, Copper Glow

B Diamond White

C Electric Current

D Petrol Blue

E Nouveau Red

F Java Blue, Astor Grey

G Coral Red, Panther Black

H Cayman Blue

J Pacifica Blue

K State Blue

L Mallard Green, Medium Cabernet Red

M Dark Maroon, Blue Violet

N Ash Black, Amparo Blue

P Radiant Red

Q Pumice Gold, Samakand

R Citrine Yellow, Cuirass

S Medium Steel Blue

T Pacific Green

U Garnet Red, Belladonna

V Isis Blue, Light Nordic Green

W Medium Charcoal Green

X Chianti Red, Medium Charcoal Blue

Z Rimini Blue, Tourmallard Green

1 Levante Grey, Pepper Red

2 Ontario Blue

3 Juice Green

4 Tourmaline Green

5 Heath

6 Stardust Silver

7 Dark Aubergine

8 Mistral Blue

9 Alberto Green

2nd Digit - For vehicles built in continental plants, the second digit of the paint code denotes the original model year of the colour's introduction, (0' = colour introduction in 1990 model year).

For vehicles built in UK plants, the second digit of the vehicle paint code denotes the current model year, (0' = built in 1990 model year).

15. Exhaust Emissions

Code Exhaust Emission Level

- 15.04

X EEC 5th

U 83 US (Petrol)

U 87 US (Diesel)

8 EEC 5th (Reduced Severity)

1 96 EEC

16. Suspension (Transit only) - This box applies to the Transit vehicles only

17. Smoke Value (Diesel only) - This box contains a figure in the form x.xx which designates the light absorption coefficient.

18. Complexity Usage (Transit only) - This box applies to the Transit vehicles only



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